Party Cake Prices

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Buttercream Party Cake Sizes and Prices

All cakes are special order and Party cakes are basic buttercream decorated cakes and prices are based on number of servings you can expect. The price includes the basic decorations. There may be extra charges for additional items like sugar loopy bows or sugar flowers.

ALL cakes require a 50% deposit. Serving size is approximate

 Smash cakes are not included with a 1st birthday cake. If you would like a smash cake decorated to match the birthday cake there will be an additional charge.


Cake prices are based on a 2 layer cake. Please note: the smallest individual cake sold is a 7" round.

2 tier buttercream cakes are priced the same as a fondant 2 tier cake.


Size                    Servings                Cost


7" round                              14                            $40.00

8" round                              20                             $50.00

9" round                              24                             $60.00

10" round                            30                             $70.00

11" round                            38                             $85.00

12" round                            50                             $100.00



These are just a few sizes and basic prices. Each cake is made to your serving needs and design. Other shapes and sizes are available.